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2013 Annual Meeting

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Summary of talks & events:
(** Subject to change, not listed in any order**)

Nov 1st

Registration at 8am, meeting starts 8.30am
Randy Oliver (Keeping Bees Healthy)


Jackie Park-Burris (Insight into Commercial Queen Breeding)
Andy Joseph (State Apiarist Report)
Cheese & Wine, followed by banquet and auction
Business Meeting

Nov 2nd

Registration at 8am, meeting starts 8.30am
Randy Oliver (Pesticides and Honey Bees and What’s New in Bee Research)


Jackie Park-Burris (short insight into commercial queen breeders operation and information about her collaboration with Sue Colby and new genetics)
Amy Toth in conjunction with Adam Dolezal (Honey bee research at IA State University)
Inger Lamb (Plants that attract honey bees)
Joy Williams (What is going on in the roadsides?)


IHPA Honey Booth at the 2013 Iowa State Fair

All the booth shifts have been filled! Thank you to all the volunteers who are working at the IHPA Honey Booth this year. It is your hard work and effort that makes the IHPA Honey Booth a success. This is our opportunity to reach thousands of visitors with the great taste of Iowa Honey, beeswax products, and of course the famous Honey Lemonade. And it is all possible because of you. Thank you again for helping at the IHPA Honey Booth.




2012 American Bee Research Conference Notes (Andy Joseph)