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May 2012 - Page 5

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There is considerable controversy as to whether it is a virus OR whether insecticides are the big factor of the Disappearing of honeybee colonies.
I have predicted all along that it is insecticides that are causing a major part of the problem. Now the latest reports that are making Headlines is the insecticide that was designed to cause ALL insects to become disoriented is doing just that and taking its toll of honeybee colonies.
Scientists, here in the U S have pin pointed that there is also a virus involved. Recent tests in Italy and Greece have shown the pesticides used to cause the disorientation of insects is a large percent of what's taking its toll  on bees.


I have contacted the highest of authorities in Washington D C and ask that those types of insecticide be  condemned. The damage and the loss of the honey Bees in their entirety could be much more costly than all the insects attacking farm crops. There are other chemicals that would control insects that were less damaging to bees.
I made numerous trips to Washington D C in the 1970's along with the late  Glenn Gibson, at the time President of the American Honey Producers Organization. We went in behalf of beekeepers who were losing thousands of colonies due to the use of DDT. We did get thousands of beekeepers compensated for their terrific loses. That put many beekeepers back in business.
If the Government doesn't correct this situation then Congress needs to come up with compensation one more time.

Beekeepers can help themselves by changing their management methods. It is still possible to winter colonies with minimal losses and some of those cooperating with my methods have wintered two winters with nearly one hundred percent survival and more than, survival they were in excellent condition on April 1st.
Glen L. Stanley


Colony Disorder:

I have surmised for quite some time that pesticides were the most to blame for colonies becoming disoriented and disappearing. Generally tests were made on each chemical made to make sure that they were not harmful to the honeybee and that was fine. However, it was apparent that a combination of the several chemicals involved and gathered by the bees in pollen were just more than the bees could manage and stay alive.
AND NOW, an insecticide made by the Bayer Company for the purpose of causing all Insects to become disoriented is exactly what is happening to the bees.
It seems this product, as it is applied to the seed corn becomes quite sticky and won't feed into the planter without first saturating it with a powder so it will slip into the hill drop of the planter. In the process this powder is polluting the air and drifts as free as the breeze. The bees and other insects as well as birds are effected and eventually will become extinct.
Economists only look at the billions of dollars worth of crops that are produced ( free of insects ) against the one billion dollars worth of honey produced, without considering the many billions of dollars of crops that are produced by the fact that it happened by honeybee pollination. Once the honeybee becomes extinct there are a hundred different crops, pollinated by the bees that will produce little or nothing at all. I hope to change that view.
I have contacted the Federal Secretary of Agriculture only to be advised that it will be necessary to get the EPA involved in an attempt to get the use of this chemical banned.
Glen Stanley
2615 Aspen Road #1
Ames, Iowa 50014