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May 2012 - Page 4

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Iowa Honey Queen

Happy Spring Beekeepers!

I cannot believe that it’s April!  This month is flying by.  The weather is gorgeous, the girls are doing fantastic, and I am staying very busy with scholarships, playing soccer, getting ready for prom, and planning for graduation (I can’t believe it’s next month, already!)!


March proved to be a very happy month for me.  Not only did I have the honor of performing as the lead actress in the school play, “AUTISTIC LICENSE”, and thoroughly enjoying myself, but I also enjoyed success in FBLA as well.  On the 29-31 of March I competed at the Future Business Leaders of America State Leadership Conference in Coralville, Iowa.  My events included Business Communication and Public Speaking II.  In my speech for Public Speaking II, I spoke about the wonders of honeybees and how our love for them was soon turned into Bee Scholars and a mentorship.  I also spoke about how it turned our whole family into beekeepers, while allowing us to transform our habit into a small business.


Needless to say, I was thrilled beyond words when my advisor told me I had won the event!  I then presented my speech to the entire attending State FBLA delegation of 750 members and their advisors... which means that now almost 800 more people across the state of Iowa know that I’m the Iowa Honey Queen!  As I was the first place recipient of the competition for Public Speaking II, I will be advancing to the national level and competing in San Antonio, Texas this July at the National FBLA Leadership Conference!!!


As for other Iowa Honey Queen adventures, in May, I look forward to traveling to Hopeville for a women’s club speech.  Additionally, I am excited to be venturing to Goodell for a field day with the Ennis’s.  Hopefully I’ll bump into some of you at these occasions!


Again - please do not hesitate to contact the Queen Chair, Connie Bronnenberg to schedule me into one of your events.  I would love to come and “bee” helpful in any way possible.


I hope your spring is starting off great! 

Renae M. Beard

2012 Iowa Honey Queen


Iowa Honey Princess

Hello my fellow beekeepers, Spring, what a wonderful season! I love going on walks out to the bee yard, seeing the girls out, and working hard. Like my family’s bees I have been busy in the “Bee World”, ranging from helping Craig Greene with educating new beekeepers to giving speeches at FFA Chapter Banquets.


On January 17 I joined Mr. Greene in teaching twenty new students at beekeeping 101 classes. It was so fun answering questions, and telling beekeeping stories. I loved how Mr. Greene told the new families the pros and cons of beekeeping that first night, and what to expect. The classes lasted for seven weeks, and I was so delighted for all the new beekeepers joining this wonderful hobby.


On February 25 I had the honor of joining Mr. Alex Ebert at the Hy-Vee on Fleur Drive in Des Moines to demonstrate honey. Even though no one finds standing for four hours much fun, I had an amazing time. When one can woo any child or adult from the sale on candy bars to come over, try some honey, and eventually having them take a couple of bottles of honey home is always a great feeling.


For my Oral Communications class at school I have given several speeches about honey, honey bees, and enemies to honey bees. Since the speeches the journalism’s chief editor addressed me one day in the hall. I was interviewed by one of her pupils, and now I am in the seventh issue, twenty-fourth volume of the Pella Community High School’s newspaper, Pelladium.  If you go to
any of you will be able to view the article [on page 3].


Since this was my last year to participate in FFA competitions, I decided to compete in public speaking at the district level. My speech was about a world without honey bees, and the agricultural crisis we, as America, are toying with. I got high reviews from the judges, and they commented on my enthusiasm for the safety of the honey bees. At my year end Chapter banquet my adviser told me to give my speech to the Chapter. I got a standing ovation, and some of our special guests that night that worked with chemicals came up to me, and thanked me for educating them on honey bees.


I am looking forward to helping out new beekeepers establish their first colonies when they arrive here in April, talking with 300 third graders in Mahaska county Ag Day about honeybees, the upcoming farmers markets, and the Field Days. I hope everything is going great with your hives, and I wish all of you luck for the 2012 season. If you need any help promoting your honey, or need an extra hand out in the bee yard don’t hesitate to call me, 641-780-1358. I would love to come out and help in any way.


Hannah VanWyk
2012 Iowa Honey Princess