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May 2012 - Page 3

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Greetings from the President

Hope everyone is having good luck with their bees this spring. I think that most people had better luck keeping their bees alive through the mild winter but the package bees were still very much in demand with all the new beekeepers. The weather, of course is the real dilemma this year because it seems that we should basically just tear a month off the calendar as far as blooming periods. Apples, plums, dandelions, and most everything across the board has bloomed nearly a month early. This may be a read disadvantage to newly established package because it won’t have time to build its population before the main honey flow. Maybe plants will hang on but it seems to me that most bloom run their course and the flow ends, so pay close attention to your bee’s strength and available stores. Feeding, harvesting, swarm control, medicating, and mite treatment should be done according to the colony needs, not by a date on the calendar.


I hope you all have given some thought to and made preparations for entering some items in the apiary division at the State Fair. I have been trying to think of ideas for the IHPA to use to provide incentive to increase the amount of entries. One thing we will do to is provide a nuc or replacement queen to anyone who enters an observation hive. I would love to hear from some of the membership about your ideas to provide some useful incentives.


Please keep your eyes open to anyone who does an exceptional job of promoting beekeeping or helping the IHPA and nominate that person for one of the IHPA awards to see that the person is recognized at the annual meeting. To nominate someone, simply submit the name and the reason why you feel this person is deserving of the honor to the Awards Chairman, which happens to be me. I will then evaluate the nomination and discuss it with other members who can give input. I am not going to list the awards here, but if you think someone is doing an exceptional job or has done something exceptional in the past simply submit their name and story and we’ll decide which award is appropriate. One award I’d like to specifically talk about is the Pioneer Award. The criteria for this award are 50 years in beekeeping and still active. This is the one that I feel this being our 100 year anniversary we need to be sure that anyone deserving of this award should be recognized this year.


Good Luck. Work Hard.
Curt Bronnenberg


2012 Membership Renewal

The first membership for 2012 is still $10.00 and $5.00 for each additional family member that would like a membership and is living at the same address.


Membership dues for 2013 will be $20.00 for the first membership and $5.00 for each additional family member that would like a membership and is living at the same address.

Melanie Bower, Treasurer


The 2012 100th Anniversary Year of the IHPA

I think it would be nice to have a Beekeeping Question and Answer section in the Buzz, so if you would like to submit a Question please e-mail to and use the Subject line Buzz Question and Answer. It will help me with ideas for subjects to write about for my Presidents Column.


Thank You.

Have Fun, Work Hard, and Bee Involved.

Curt Bronnenberg



Hello to everyone!  Hope everyone is having a great spring.   This mild winter has been great for the heating bills, and easier on the bees.  Check your bees to be sure they have adequate stores of food.  It’s a sad thing to have the bees make it this far only to starve to death for lack of food this close to spring.  By this writing, the brood rearing is well underway, and the bees will need a pollen and nectar/ food source. I have great news for our Annual Summer Field Day! 


As I was working on speakers for our annual meeting, I contacted Larry Connor.  He could not come to our annual meeting, but mention this summer possibly.  To make a long story short, he will be coming to Iowa as our speaker/guest for our summer field day, and he also wanted to have a limited attendance advanced class for Friday afternoon/evening, June 15th!   (See the details below).  I am fired up about Larry's’ coming to Iowa and this opportunity.  What a great way to celebrated 100 years of beekeeping in Iowa!!  I hope you take every opportunity to attend this event.


Oh yea, don’t forget about the “bee beard”!!!  Do I see any volunteers???

YES I DO!!!!  



Pat Ennis VP, IHPA