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May 2012 - Page 2

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Dates To Bee Remembered

June 9th—CIBA Meeting
June 15th—Master Class Twilight Meeting
June 16th—IHPA Field Day ( Board meeting to follow. ) New Date!
August 9th-19th—Iowa State Fair
September 9th—IHPA Board Meeting, 2pm.
November 15th—IHPA Board Meeting, 7pm.
November 16-17th—IHPA Annual Meeting, Marshalltown, IA



IHPA 100th Anniversary Merchandise

The IHPA 100th Anniversary merchandise is now available for purchase.  Be sure to check out the June issue of the Buzz for a complete order form with images of each item. If you know what you want, send in your order and show your support for the IHPA in our 100th Anniversary year!

The price list is as follows:


$22.00   Honey Pot
$36.00   Utensil Crock
$20.00   Hive Tool
$17.00   Coffee Cup w/spoon
$  2.00   Magnet

$15.00    Hat
$15.00    Visor

$15.00   Youth: small, medium, large
$15.00   Adult: small, medium, large and x-large
$17.00   Adult: 2x-large and 3x-large

Polo Shirt:
$35.00   Adult: small, medium, large and x-large
$37.00   Adult: 2x-large and 3x-large


The above prices include shipping and handling fees.

Please send your order with payment to:
Melanie Bower
207 S.E. Diehl
Des Moines, IA  50315-5227

Melanie Bower, Treasurer



For Sale:  Heavy-duty plastic pallets for sale. Several varieties are available, including stackable and nestable pallets.

Resistant to insects, bacteria, and fungi. Perfect for using under beehives. Some have slight damage. All are in used condition. $15.00 each.

Call Norman McCoy at 515-770-5725, or
Address:  11395 N.E. Hubbell Way, Maxwell, IA 50161.  Pallets are located 10 miles NE of Des Moines.  

For Sale: Pamphlet on Successful Management available:  Ten Pages  $12 including postage.
Contact: Glen L. Stanley
2615 Aspen Road #1
Ames, Iowa 50014
TELE> 515 292 3243

For Sale: Local built, complete bee hives, with screened bottom boards w/ entrance reducer, 2 brood chambers, 20 deep frames, 1 honey super, 10 medium frames, 1 inner cover, 1 outer cover with metal covering, $160.00. Individual components or custom parts available. We build queen rearing components to your specs, or we can build what we use for you. Also, weather depending, we will be offering local raised queens around the beginning of June.

More information and orders can be made @ 319-400-4228, ask for Paul Gardner or

Paul Gardner
1828 Y Ave.
Homestead, Iowa 52236.  6/12

For Sale: Package Bees
The package will consist of bottom board, 9 5/8 - 10 frame hive body with bees and 9 frames, entrance reducer, insulated inner lid and metal outer lid. New Italian queen. This is new equipment. The total for this hive package will be $195.00  This same package with used equipment will be $160.00 It is painted used equipment in good condition. I will need a $45.00 deposit when you order and the package will be ready for you to pick up mid May at Monticello, Iowa barring weather conditions.

We also have 5 frame nucs with new queen for $98.00.  Deposit of $30.00 required.  (No frame exchange) Our bee yards are inspected by Iowa Bee inspectors. I will only be selling 30 package hives this year. I have 40+ years experience in beekeeping.

Send deposit to Curtis Barnhart, P. O. Box 70 , Monticello , IA 52310 with your name, address and phone number that you can be reached at. I am out of town until March 24.

You can call and leave a message at my office (American Supply)

Thank you.
Curtis Barnhart
319 465-6655                       6/12