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July 2012 - Page 5

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Activities included dressing up as a beekeeper, learning the parts of a hive, rolling a beeswax candle, viewing a hand-crank extractor, honeybee beanbag toss, frosting cookies, a bee photo cutout, and (my personal favorite) face painting!  We had the opportunity to speak with almost thirty children and their families who came out to the Spring Valley Honey Farm to enjoy the festivities.  The beanbag toss, bee photo cutout board, and face painting were a hit – which even some adults couldn’t resist!  The rest of the day included seeing numerous bee-painted faces.


Julie Swett (left) and Renae Beard (center) talk to families about beekeeping and ran fun activities for the kids during the field day.




Greg Beard sports a great honeybee beard!

While we enjoyed ourselves with the families, field-day goers attended different small group sessions, which consisted of starter, finisher, and a grafting demonstration.  The field day finished with the much anticipated bee beard demonstration by Curt Bronnenberg and my younger brother, Greg Beard (How cute, right?  Greg Beard with a bee beard!).  It was absolutely AMAZING!


This was the first beard for both of them and by the end of the process, with help from dutiful “barbers”, each displayed an impressive beard of bees.  A VERY exciting way to end a fantastic day filled with great conversation, fun friends, and new lessons about the bees!









The bee beard demo was a very big hit and a great way to end another fun and successful field day.


In the next couple of months, I look forward to attending several famers markets to spread the good word about bees, in addition to preparing for my own fair, the Iowa State Fair, and enjoying a couple weeks of 4-H and FBLA! I love talking about the honeybees - please think of me when preparing events; it would be my pleasure to come and “bee” helpful in any way possible! Again, please do not hesitate to contact the Queen Chair, Connie Bronnenberg to set something up.


I look forward to hearing from you – enjoy our beautiful Iowa summer! 

Renae Michelle Beard

2012 Iowa Honey Queen