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July 2012 - Page 4

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Iowa Honey Queen

Happy Summer Iowa Beekeepers! 

Even though school is out, I don’t feel like I’ve slowed down a bit!  Between my last varsity soccer game, university orientation, a trip as a 4-H counselor to the Omaha Zoo, Clover Sprout Day Camp, State Council 4-H Conference decorating, working with livestock for the fair, and – oh yes! – the bees; I am definitely keeping busy.


On June 9, I enjoyed traveling to Marshalltown to speak at the Grimes Farm Conservation Center.  I met up with energetic event planners Dale Fields and Eli Kalke of Fieldstone Apiaries and also, Pat and Peggy Ennis.  We were delighted with the size of our group and began the afternoon by allowing the public to view honey and beeswax products, literature, equipment, tools, and the honeybees themselves in a live observation hive.


The event, which was recorded and made into a DVD by the conservation center, began with a welcome from Eli Kalke.  Next, I spoke about the Iowa Honey Producers Association Youth Mentor Program.  I finished my PowerPoint with an overview of my queen adventures.  IHPA Vice President Pat Ennis concluded the afternoon with an interactive session rightfully dubbed “Beekeeping Explained”.  The audience was actively involved in the presentation, sharing their own beekeeping experiences and asking questions.






June also provided me with the opportunity to attend the Iowa Honey Producers Association 100th Anniversary Summer Field Day.  The day began with guest speaker Larry Conner, Ph.D. of Kalamazoo, Michigan. 


Guest speaker Larry Conner, Ph.D. of Kalamazoo, Michigan at the 2012 IHPA Field Day.


He spoke about queen rearing and keys to wintering bees, providing insight of past experiences, and demonstrating the process through a slideshow presentation.  After the potluck lunch, he continued his program by speaking about hive products.  While the members enjoyed Dr. Connor’s presentation, I began working with the Swett Family as we shared beekeeping with families from the general public.


Dale Fields at the queen grafting station during the 2012 IHPA Field Day.


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