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Iowa Honey Producers Association Annual Meeting

The IHPA Annual Meeting is our yearly oppertunity to get together and discuss the wonders as well as mysteries of beekeeping. This meeting is open to anyone interested in beekeeping or honeybees. We have a variety of guest speakers from across the US come to speak on their expertise in the beekeeping world. For current beekeepers this is a great time to hear what is new in beekeeping or ask questions of those with a greater number of years experience. Those who are thinking about getting started in beekeeping will have numerous chances to ask, "what's it like to keep bees?" There will be no shortage of answers. Beekeepers love to share the stories, fun, and enjoyment they have found in beekeeping.


The Annual Meeting is also a time when we select the new Iowa Honey Queen. The IHPA Queen Program is an integral part of our public outreach. The Iowa Honey Queen attends many events across Iowa each year to promote Honey and Beekeeping. You can learn more about the Iowa Honey Queen by clicking on the Queen Program tab at the top of the page.


The Youth Program is a mentoring program that pairs current beekeepers with youth interested in beekeeping. While it is wonderful to have so many beekeepers with years of experience, IHPA also recognizes that to keep beekeeping strong in the state of Iowa requires active preparation of the next generation of beekeepers. Youth selected for the program are given a colony of honeybees for their study. The mentor will then be able to give hands on experience in teaching the basics of beekeeping. Upon successful completion of the program, the colony becomes the youth's to keep. Youth are selected for the program during the Annual Meeting, however application must be made earlier in the year so please check out the Youth Program page of the website for all the details.


These are just some of the reasons you should attend the IHPA Annual Meeting. There are many more. The meeting dates are usually in November of each year. This is a time when beekeepers are not quite as busy and can get away for fun and catch up with their fellow beekeeper.


We will post details on this page as we get closer to the next Annual Meeting.